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Influencing Your Audience: Crafting Messages that Motivate
Ken O'Quinn, Founder, Writing with Clarity
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
6:15-8:30 PM
Burlington Public Library Burlington, MA
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Non-member Price: $20
Business professionals often need to win the hearts and minds of an audience. It is not enough to have a good idea or to make a simple request; gaining acceptance often requires overcoming resistance or convincing those who are undecided. This presentation will explore tactics of social influence that behavioral psychologists have found can motivate people to take an action, to accept an opinion, or to change their mind. You will learn techniques you can use, even in everyday email, to tailor your approach in a given situation so that you motivate people toward your point of view. Here are highlights: • How people judge credibility and how you can strengthen your image if people don’t view you that way • How you can open a message when the audience is resistant • How you can hold attention throughout a message or speech and influence the audience’s thinking • How to use three emotional triggers to move your audience toward your point of view
At the end of this session you will be able to:
#Know how to open a message to a resistant audience #Learn ways to hold attention throughout a message to influence the audience’s thinking #Use three emotional triggers to move your audience toward your point of view
About the Presenter
Ken O’Quinn is a corporate writing coach and workshop leader who has helped thousands of business professionals achieve objectives through clear communication. He is the author of Perfect Phrases for Business (McGraw-Hill) and the white paper Business Writing for Managers (ATD Press). He also is a co-author of an upcoming book on leadership titled Focus on Them (ATD Press). He started Writing with Clarity after a journalism career with the Associated Press and newspapers and now conducts workshops for such clients as GE, Facebook, Chevron, Dell, Dow Chemical (China), Campbell Soup, Raytheon, Rockland Trust, Fidelity, and Iron Mountain. Ken’s website is www.WritingwithClarity.com.
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