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Leaders and Managers Apply Accomplishment Based HPT for Continuous Talent Development
Dr. Carl Binder, CEO, The Performance Thinking Network, LLC
March 21, 2018
6:15 to 8:30 PM
Burlington Public Library 22 Sears St. Burlington, MA
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Non-member Price: $25

Dr. Tom Gilbert changed the world with his book, Human Competence, when he criticized “the cult of behavior” by pointing out that accomplishments are valuable while behavior is costly. Dr. Joe Harless, another pioneering ISPI thought leader, taught performance consultants how to accelerate results by anchoring their analyses and performance improvement plans in what he called Accomplishment Based Curriculum Design (ABCD). Under the influence of these two HPT giants, and recognizing the power of simplicity exemplified by Steve Jobs and his creations, Carl Binder has created a plain English approach to HPT called Six Boxes ® Performance Thinking. His company has long offered its Six Boxes ® Practitioner Program to enable consultants, learning and performance professionals, and others to apply accomplishment-based performance improvement across a wide range of project types and applications.

This approach uses two simple models and plain English terminology to engage clients and stakeholders in the process. Carl will describe how he and his colleagues are now bringing HPT to leaders and managers at all levels in organizations, from CEOs down to front line supervisors, using the same simple models and plain language. Carl will describe the origins and rationale behind Six Boxes Performance Thinking, summarize how it has evolved, and share how it can enable leaders and managers to become agents of continuous talent development, on a daily basis, to accelerate results in their organizations.

At the end of this session you will be able to:
I. Distinguish between behavior and accomplishments in the analysis of performance.

II. Describe how focusing on accomplishments can improve value contributed by each employee to the organization.

III. Explain how leaders and managers can accelerate business results through their people.

IV. Discuss how Performance Thinking ® models and programs align with HPT methods and processes.

About the Presenter
Dr. Carl Binder has been a thought leader in performance improvement and talent development for four decades. He is CEO of The Performance Thinking Network (www.SixBoxes.com), which offers certification programs and tools for performance consultants, leaders, managers, and coaches worldwide. His clients have included Microsoft, Oracle, Amgen, Medtronic, Kaiser Permanente, Anthem, Fifth Third Bank, Easter Seals Bay Area, Amazon, LG in South Korea, the Al-Futtaim Group in Dubai, and many others, including not-for- profit educational and behavioral health organizations. A widely published author and frequent invited speaker, he communicates to diverse audiences in straightforward language.

Starting at Harvard as a doctoral student with B.F. Skinner, Carl ran a learning research lab for ten years before moving into corporate consulting in 1983. Six Boxes ® Performance Thinking, which he has been refining with his colleagues and clients since 1982, provides a “viral” approach to continuous performance improvement. It uses two simple models with 21 plain English words to communicate principles and applications from behavior science and performance engineering.

Carl has received lifetime achievement awards from the American Psychological Association, the International Society for Performance Improvement, and the Organizational Behavior Management Network.

He is thrilled to return to Massachusetts, where he lived for 26 years and was President of Massachusetts ISPI during the 1980’s. Follow him on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/carl-binder- 776312/ and contact directly at carlbinder@sixboxes.com.

For background, see white papers and publications in the Six Boxes ® Resource: http://www.sixboxes.com/index.php?id=61&strFilter=White%20Papers) and Carl’s Blog, Performance Improvement from the Inside Out: http://www.sixboxes.com/Blog.html

Rt. 128/95 to Rt. 3A Burlington
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