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Past ISPI of Massachusetts meetings
Here is a list of programs and presenters since February, 2004. The most recent programs are listed first.

April: Before you Start: Building a Blended Learning Plan
Irene Stern Frielich, EnVision

March: Agile Coaching for Performance Improvement
Bob Winter of the Eliassen Group

To Coach or Be Coached: Case Studies in Behavior Influences
Dr. Carol Ann Sharicz, University of Mass, Boston

Influencing Your Audience: Crafting Messages that Motivate
Ken O'Quinn, Writing with Clarity

Addressing the Challenge of Agile Talent Development with an Accomplishment Based Approach
Carl Binder, PhD, CEO The Performance Thinking Network, LLC

Time Management and the 4 Zones of Personal Productivity
Eric Bloom, Founder and Executive Director, IT Management and Leadership Institute

Better Instructional Design Through Mind Mapping
Jean Marrapodi, PhD, CPLP; Illumina Interactive, Applestar Productions

Systemic Project Leadership
Dr. Carol Sharicz, professor at UMass Boston Instructional Design program, and Joe Turner, Principal of Turner Consulting

Capture What You Know Using KCS for Mobile Centric Users
Joan Comeau, Salem State University, Chapter Communication Director

Rethinking Training and Career Development in the New Economy
Margaret Driscoll, Ed.D., MBA, M.Ed., MA, PMP® IBM Talent & Engagement

Visual Literacy and Information Design: The Eye, The Mind, The Image
Domenic Screnci, Ed.D; Digital Learning and Innovation, Boston University

What does an innovative mindset mean to you? And how is it developed?
Dr. Carol Ann Sharicz, UMass, Boston

Applying Human Performance Improvement in Today’s World
Bob Winter of Enterprise Agility

Stop the Jump-To-Solution Approach
Dana Robinson, Founder Partners in Change, Inc


Successfully Dealing With 'Difficult, Doubting' Managers to Support Performance Improvement
Chris DeVany, Pinnacle Performance Improvement Worldwide

Putting the Learner First: Learner-Centric Design in a Tools-Centric World, Webinar
Mark Grover, CPT and Mike Sienkiewicz, CA Technologies

How to Demonstrate Your Value, Webinar
Judy Hale, Ph.D., CPT

Executing and Managing Effectively: Self Improvement Helps Everyone and the Bottom Line
Chris DeVany, President, Pinnacle Performance Improvement Worldwide

Connect – Innovate – Integrate: What great ideas from the ISPI Annual Conference!
Co-Presenters: Jane Buckley, Mass ISPI Finance Dr.
Amanda Corbett, Enterprise Agility

Creating the Growth Mindset in the Organization, Webinar
Marian Willeke, PhD

The Ubiquitous Nature of Online Learning, Webinar
Jean Marrapodi, PhD, Applestar Productions

Using Intrinsic Motivators to Drive Stealth Performance : Outstanding Achievers Webinar Series
Brian Remer, The Firefly Group


November: Learning-Research Quiz Show: Are You Up-to-Date with Learning and Brain Science?
Will Thalheimer, PhD, Work-Learning Research, Inc.

October: What ISPI People Can Learn from Agile Development Practices
Bob Winter, CA Technologies

September: The Reality of Mobile Learning for Training Professionals: Let’s Talk about the Learning
Margaret Driscoll, Ed.D., IBM Global Process Services

June: Managing Your Professional Image Online
Anne Collins, Salem State University

May: Learning to Live With and Love Social Media
Jacqueline Clermont

March: Stealth Engagement: The Hidden Motivators that Drive Performance
Brian Remer, The Firefly Group

February: Performance Improvement and Physician Leadership in Healthcare and Life Sciences
Rob Greenly, Corporate Physician Leadership Center

January: Outstanding Achievers Series: Visual Style Inspiration: Creative Ideas for Slides and E-Learning
Connie Malamed, The eLearning Coach


November: Systems Thinking 101
Carol Sharicz, UMass Boston

October: Cognitive Bias
Scott Loring, Cooperative Coaching and Mediation

September: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same...Or NOT!
David Kelly, Program Director, eLearning Guild
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May: Copyright and Fair Use for the Professional Trainer
Skott Klebe, Product Evangelist, Copyright Clearance Center

April: Designing and Supporting eLearning Ecosystems
Domenic Screnci, Ed.D, Executive Director for Ed Tech, Training, & Outreach, Boston University

March: Certified Performance Technologist Series: Defining the Cause & Identifying the Roots
Lucy McKain & Joyce Goldstein, Co-Presidents, MASS-ISPI, and Jean Marrapodi, Program Director, MASS-ISPI

February: Project Management - A New CPT Competency
Jay Spitulnik, CPT
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Detailed Notes (Courtesy of Vanessa Aller)

Outstanding Achievers Series
January: Talk to the Elephant: Design for Behavior Change
Julie Dirksen: UsableLearning.com
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November: Encouraging People to Speak the Truth: Overcoming the Corporate Nod
Ken Kerber, PhD, Ken Kerber & Associates

October: Wild and Wondrous (and Sometimes Research-Based) Ideas for Improving Learning Measurement
Dr. Will Thalheimer, PhD, Work-Learning Research

September: Performance IMPOSSIBLE: How to use Performance Technology to stimulate change and execute your projects.
Darius Peyton, MBA, PMP, DP Leadership Services

June: From Conflict to Cooperation: Advanced Communication for Trainers and Consultants
Scott Loring, Cooperative Coaching and Mediation

Drs. Carla Patalano and Jean Marrapodi, New England College of Business
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April: Influencing Your Audience: Crafting Messages that Motivate
Ken O'Quinn, Writing with Clarity

March: Applying Instructional Design When Transfer of Learning Matters
Margaret Driscoll, IBM

Outstanding Achievers Webinar Series
January: First Principles of Instruction
David Merrill, Professor Emeritus, Utah State University


November: Lean Six Sigma and HPT
Jay Spitulnik, CPT

October: The Bottom Line on ROI: How to Measure ROI in Learning & Development, Performance Improvement &HR
Jack Phillips, ROI Institute

September: Deeper ID: Designing for How People Learn
Clark Quinn, Quinnovations

May: Coaching and Consistently Unlocking Breakthrough Performance
Adam Kornfeld, InsideOut Coaching

April: Mastering the Challenge of Organizational Change
Dr. Ken Kerber, Kerber & Associates

March: Leadership and Learning 2012: What's New About Change Leadership?
Dr. Douglas Reeves, The Leadership and Learning Center

Feb: The Multi-Generational Workforce: Strategies for Success
Dr. Carla Patalano, New England College of Business

Outstanding Achievers Webinar Series
Jan: Webinar 101 - Effective Delivery and Production
Karen Hyder, Kaleidoscope Training and Consulting


Nov: Free the Corporate Rebels, find a Better Future
Lois Kelly, Foghound

Oct: Transfer of Training: Building Strategies for Sustained Learning
Wendi Braun, CPLP, Past President, MASS-ISPI

Sept: Death by Project: The 7 deadly sins that will kill your project, you and your organization
Joe Turner, PMP

July: WORKSHOP: Introduction to Performance Thinking: A Fast On-Ramp to Performance Improvement
Carl Binder, CPT

May: Making an Impact on Performance: Creating Performance-Based E-Learning
Diane Wells, Valentino Uriegas, Susan Fisher

April: What is Cloud Computing and Why Trainers Should Care
Eric Bloom, Manager Mechanics

Mar: Systemic Project Leadership
Carol Sharicz and Joe Turner

Outstanding Achievers Webinar Series
Jan: Social Media for Trainers
Jane Bozarth, Bozarthzone


Nov: Performance Architecture: Art or Science?
Carol Haig, Carol Haig and Associates

Oct: 10 Steps to a High Performance Team
Chris DeVany, Pinnacle Performance Improvement Worldwide

Sept: Lessons for Leadership in 99 Words or Less
Brian Remer, The Firefly Group

June: Using Cross-Functional Language to Move Execs: Deconstructing a Real Presentation that Built an Understanding of Social Media from Two Different World Views
Gina Minks, Senior Program Manager for Social Media at EMC

May: HPT and Social Learning: Organizational Performance in the Cloud
Dave Wilkins, VP of Product Marketing at Learn.com

April: Strategic Speed
Simon Fowler, Forum

March: Learning Measurement: Overcoming Myths, Research Wisdom, and Full-Source Evaluation
Will Thalheimer, PhD

February: Understanding by Design
Dr. Michael Marrapodi, Ass't Professor, Argosy University

Outstanding Achievers Webinar Series
January: Let's Blow Up The Training Department! (Webinar)
Clark Quinn, Quinnovation


November: e-Learning Tools Crash Course: Deciding What Authoring Tools to Use and When
Cammy Bean, VP of Learning, Kineo

October: Conquering Information Overload: How NOT to Be Pushed By Paper and Email
Abby Marks Beale, Founder & CEO, The Corporate Educator

September: Hands on With Social Media
Jean Marrapodi, PhD, CPLP, Applestar Productions

June: Performance Influencing Model: Application of the Model
Tina Teodorescu, CPT, President, Competence Systems

May: Joint workshop with Greater Boston ASTD
Social Media: Best Practices in Training
Bill Cava, CTO eKtron / Dave Wilkins, Sr. Director of Product Strategy, mZinga / Mark Bucceri, Principal Education Specialist, Saba
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April: Member Show and Share

March: Performance Influencing Model: A Systematic Model
Tina Teodorescu, CPT, President, Competence Systems

February: Making the Case for High-Performance Documentation
Deborah Kenny, Vice President, Learning Solutions Information Mapping, Inc

Outstanding Achievers Webinar Series
January: 5 Tips for an Effective Elevator Speech about What You Do
Dr. Judy Hale, CPT, Past-President ISPI
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November: Fix My Employee, Please!
Kathy Haley, Framework Performance Consulting

October: Blended Learning Opportunities- Half Day Workshop
Allison Rossett, San Diego State University

September: Uniting a Global Workforce: Textron's Six Sigma
Jennifer Blose & Raymond Beland

June: Chatterboxes and Cave Dwellers: Extraverts and Introverts at Work
Naomi Karten, Karten Associates

May: Learning in the Virtual World
Amy Finn Ph.D. Amy Finn Learning Services

April: Story Collage™: New Tool for Collecting & Analyzing People’s Experiences
Terrance Gargiulo, President, MakingStories.net

March: Embracing your Inner Coach: How to Encourage Excellence in Ourselves and Others
Rob Kanzer, MCDR, President, The Cambridge and Portsmouth Coaching Collaborative

February: Just for FUN: Designing Humor into E-Learning
Mark Bucceri, Saba Education and Training


November: Performance Improvement Panel Discussion: Stories from the Field
Dr. Jean Marrapodi and Michael Glass

October: Is Your Networking Working: Spinning Your Web of Influence Across the ‘Inner-net’™
Scott Schultz, Partner, Seventh Wave Solutions

September: e-Learning Sampler
Dr. Margaret Driscoll, Consultant, IBM Global Services

May: Engaging Learners Intellectually and Emotionally
Mark Bucceri, Principal Education Specialist, Saba/Centra Education and Training team

March: Building Busines Acumen for Trainers
Terrence Gargiulo, Making Stories.net

February: Increase your Emotional Intelligence: the Practice of Compassionate Conflict Resolution
by Rob Kanzer, President of the Cambridge and Porstmouth Coaching Collaboratives


November: Modular Writing and Reusability
by Deborah Kenny, VP & General Manager, Information Mapping, Inc.

October: Supercharging Project Management with HR/OD Support
by Joseph Turner, PMP, Principal, Turner Consulting

September: Creating an Outstanding Blend: Designing and Building Cost Effective Blended Learning
Stephen Laster, Director of Curriculum Innovation and Technology Group, Babson College

June: Performance Excellence: What Are the Right Questions
Jacqueline Collins, President, Partnering for Performance

May: CPT Certification: Why You Should Care
Dr. Judy Hale, CPT, Past-President ISPI

April: A Playful Approach to Performance Technology
Dr. Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan, CPT, President ISPI

March: Coaching Yourself to Leadership: Five Key Strategies for Becoming An Integrated Leader
Ginny O’Brien, President, The Columbia Consultancy

February: Connecting Training to the Goals and Metrics of the Business
Tina Teodorescu, CPT, President, Competence Systems


November: What Blogs & Wikis Bring to Business
William Ives, Independent Consultant
Joint meeting with Central Mass. chapter of American Society for Training & Development (ASTD)

October: RSS Networks for Learning and Innovation
Kathleen Gilroy, The Otter Group

September: E-Learning Strategies for Today (What Sets Training and Development Professionals Apart from Subject Matter Experts)
Margaret Driscoll, IBM

June: When Process Improvement Fails
James Armitage, 7th Wave Solutions

May: Systemic Leadership: Practical Tools of Systems Thinking
Carol Ann Zulauf, Suffolk University

April: What’s Happening Out There? A Panel on Employment for Learning and Performance Professionals

March: Almost Everything You Know about Learning Objectives is Wrong: What the Research Says
Will Thalheimer, Work-Learning Research

February: Confessions of a Rookie Leader in the Virtual Live Classroom (or How I Survived My First Online Gig, and How You Can, Too)
Don Michaels and Kerry Degnan, Centra Software


November: Tools That Change the Way We Work (panel)
Joint meeting with Society for Technical Communication (STC)

October: Developing Leaders in Healthcare Organizations: Research and Implications
Vincent Pelote, President, Leadership Development & Research

September: Seven Secrets of Rapid Instructional Design
Dr. Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan, The Thiagi Group

September workshop: Improving Performance Through Interactive Strategies
Dr. Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan, The Thiagi Group

June: From Training to Performance: Making the Change in Massachusetts
Panel with Helen Chen, CollabNet, and Cheryle West, Hewlett Packard

May: How to Engage Line Managers in Performance Improvement
Judith Hale, Hale Associates

May workshop: Take the Mystery Out of Evaluation: A Sensible Approach
Judith Hale, Hale Associates

April: Graphics for Learning: Proven Guidelines for Instructional Professionals
Chopeta Lyons (www.chopeta.com)

March: Enter the Content Zone: Training based on Content Types
Terence Traut, President and CEO, Entelechy Inc.

February: Guidelines and Standards for Online Content and Documentation
J.P. Brown, Ph.D., and Carolyn Shaw, Ph.D, Performance Technology Associates, Inc.